Program evaluation

The professionals on our Program Evaluation team have solid and successful track records in the design and execution of program evaluations in a range of human services and intervention environments. We've helped juvenile and criminal justice agencies, behavioral health organizations, chemical dependency programs, sexual assault and domestic violence victim service agencies, providers of emergency and supportive housing for homeless adults, and family and children's services agencies. In addition to individual program evaluations, we also work well as liaison between multiple program sites and as cross-site evaluators.

In every one of our evaluation projects, beginning with our initial involvement, we work closely with our clients' staff members and administrators to identify key elements, processes and expected outcomes. We know that effective program evaluations are carefully designed for the special needs of each situation. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all evaluations—we prepare and implement projects according to our clients' custom needs, not for our own convenience.

We generate accurate and timely data analyses, incorporating both standard and innovative methods. And we produce excellent reports of findings and results presented through written reports and verbal presentations.

If you're not looking for a full evaluation, we can develop and pilot-test data collection instruments, such as surveys, inventories and questionnaires. We're also available to extract data from pre-existing sources.

Or you can hire us by the hour to provide advice, technical assistance and consultation.